AC Installation in Dover, FL

A new cooling system in your Dover home should be powerful enough to take on the Hillsborough County summer heat, yet efficient enough to help keep your cooling costs at a reasonable level. But finding that right balance on your own can be pretty tough. That’s why working with a trained, licensed, and certified professional is the way to go! Looking for a service team that can help you select the ideal system? If so, look no further.

At Iceberg Air Conditioning and Heating, our service team is dedicated to helping homeowners get quality services and top of the line products. We’re focused on helping you cut costs and keep comfort as high as possible, and through our extensive experience and top-tier training, we’re uniquely capable of offering our clients the best solutions in Dover.

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Air Conditioner Installation in Dover, FL

Our installation process revolves completely around what works best for your home, from picking the right products all the way to performing a customized installation service. We don’t want you to get any cooling system. We want you to have the ideal system—one that will serve your home efficiently and reliably for years to come.

At Iceberg, we offer a complete range of cooling systems suitable for a wide range of home types and client preferences. From forced-air AC systems to heat pumps and even cutting-edge ductless air conditioning, there’s a product perfect for your price range and needs, guaranteed.

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The Benefits of Scheduling AC Installation in Dover

Knowing when is the best time to replace or install a new system can be a bit tough at first. So what’s the measure our team uses? We recommend an AC installation any time the benefits outweigh the cost of the service! Seeking a new system can offer a slew of advantages, including:

  • Higher home comfort. With HVAC technology moving as quickly as it does, a new system can offer higher efficiency ratings, greater performance, and a far more even cooling experience in your home.
  • Reduced energy costs. Have you been watching in dismay as your energy costs rise more and more as the years wear on? If so, it’s time to replace your outdated cooling system and seek something better! Modern cooling systems offer efficiency ratings that nearly double systems that are a decade old.
  • Minimized risks of a breakdown. As a cooling system ages and begins to pass its prime, it becomes substantially more likely that you will experience frequent breakdowns and higher repair costs. Replacing on time can avoid this, saving you money and stress in the long run.
  • Getting away from outdated refrigerants. Do you still use R-22 in your home? If so, it’s time to replace! The 2020 complete phase-out date is looming and R-22 is getting costlier than ever before. Replacing your R-22 equipped unit now will help avoid complications in the future, and the replacement refrigerants used today (R-410a) are more efficient, too!

Superior AC Installation in Dover, Florida

If you’ve been looking for AC installation contractors that offer the most reliable, efficient, and effective products around, then you just found the right team! Our products are top-class, and we’re dedicated to ensuring your cooling needs are met completely.

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