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Day or Night, Prompt AC Service Is a Phone Call Away

When your home’s air conditioning quits working or shows signs of trouble, you an AC repair company you can count on. For more than 70 years, Central Florida residents have depended on Iceberg Cooling for fast, reliable AC repairs in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Orlando, and throughout Central Florida.

Iceberg Cooling is a family-owned company providing air conditioning service throughout Polk County and southwest Orlando. We promise to deliver prompt service by trained and certified technicians. We offer convenient 24/7 emergency AC service and a helpful, friendly approach to customer care.

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Providing AC Service Throughout Central Florida

At Iceberg Cooling, AC repairs may be “just the tip of the iceberg,” but it’s still what we’re most known for. Our expert AC technicians bring years of training and experience, so you can depend on fast AC repairs that are done right. When you call on us, we can ensure you’re back to cool, comfortable normalcy in no time.

24-Hour Emergency AC Repair Services

Most air conditioner problems aren’t going to wait for a “convenient” time to crop up, but some issues (and some days) are much worse than others! When you need fast, accurate, and always reliable repair services, you can count on Iceberg Cooling to provide. Our specially trained emergency response team is available any hour, any day to restore your comfort!

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Not everything is always as obvious as a complete system breakdown. But knowing how to recognize the signs early can help you get the quick care and service you need before things go really wrong. Keep an eye out for these common signs of an ailing AC:

  • Temperate or warm air. Warm or simply not cool air coming from your system typically relates to a refrigerant leak or blockages in airflow, but sometimes the problem could lie with the compressor as well. No matter the cause, our team will find and fix it right away.
  • Spikes in cooling costs. Generally speaking, your cooling costs tend to stay in a somewhat predictable range. When the cost starts to shift or spike, you should always take that as a note that something is beginning to go wrong. Call us now to ensure a small problem doesn’t turn into a big (expensive) one!
  • Strange air conditioner noises. Odd air conditioner sounds are going to frequently indicate a loose or damaged part. And while this doesn’t seem like a huge deal, it really is. Left alone, a loose part can do serious damage to your cooling system, often even leading to needing a complete system replacement.
  • Foul or musty odors from vents. If your vents smell dusty or dank, you might find the relief you need with an air quality test and duct cleaning or by seeking out air conditioner maintenance. But if the smell is more along the lines of burnt wiring, you should call in for emergency care immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions


Some AC odors are normal, and no reason to worry, but others may mean you have an AC problem that needs urgent attention. If you smell a stale or dingy smell, you might have mildew growth in your air conditioner due to moisture. A burning rubber smell could signal an electrical problem. If your AC smells like vinegar, mildew, urine, or sweet syrup, call us to have a technician come to perform an AC inspection and advise you of repair options.

If your air conditioner is whistling, clunking, or humming, the problem could be anything from a worn-out fan belt or debris in the outdoor unit to a damaged fan blade or a failing compressor. Our technicians use state-of-the-art tools and tech to diagnose your AC problem to provide you with a fact-based repair recommendation and estimate.

Ice build-up on an air conditioner typically occurs due to inadequate maintenance, which leads to damaged parts. Dirty air filters, refrigerant leaks, a damaged blower motor, or a dirty evaporator coil can all contribute to your AC system icing up — even in the heat of a Florida summer. If you see ice build-up on the indoor cooling coil or the outdoor condenser unit, call us right away to repair the issue before it leads to more costly damage and a potential AC replacement.

Contrary to popular misconception, an AC system does not “lose” refrigerant through normal operation. If your AC refrigerant is low, you probably have a leak somewhere in your system. AC refrigerant leaks can be caused by evaporator coil corrosion, incorrect installation of your AC system, or damaged parts. Call for immediate AC repairs before your problem gets worse.

A clogged AC drain line is a common cause of AC system problems. Check for musty smells near your vents, standing water near your AC unit, water damage indoors near AC components, or an air conditioner that no longer cools or won’t turn on. Regular maintenance can usually prevent AC drain line clogs.

AC short cycling is both a symptom of an air conditioner problem and a cause of further AC problems. Short cycling occurs when your air conditioner gets stuck in the start-up cycle, turning on and off repeatedly without running a cooling cycle. Common causes of AC short cycling are clogged air filters, low refrigerant, or an air conditioner that is too big. If a short-cycling air conditioner isn’t fixed right away, you’ll soon end up with an expensive AC replacement.

With regular preventative maintenance and service for your unit, your air conditioner should last 10 to 15 years.

Every home is different. HVAC technicians will need to complete a heat load calculation to ensure the proper sizing of the unit.

Breakers, filters, and float switches are common fixes you can do before calling HVAC professionals.



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What Our Clients Are Saying

“ We are very pleased with Iceberg, from sales to installation it was all done in a timely matter and as Promised. Shawn Crawford and Adam Jr came out on Saturday and worked all day, even though they faced a few hurdles, they did what they had to do to get it done. They were very polite.”

Patty Johnson

“ Chuck arrived within a day after my call. He was very kind, courteous and professional. He looked at my unit and told me what my options were as far as the unit. I felt very confident that he was telling me the true issues with my unit and what would be in my best interest.”

Chere’ Mask

“ They are fast, reliable, and courteous! They have been out to our house twice to fix the same problem for two different reasons and both times were on time and cared about the well-being of our family. They are also very knowledgeable and also advised us on how to keep our A/C maintained during stor...”

Ryan Davey

“ Chuck from iceberg A/C and heating, LLC was AMAZING! I was recommended to this company, and I'm so happy I was. Chuck was timely, efficient, and thorough. He didn't try and sell me repairs that weren't needed, found our problem and will get fixed tomorrow! I would 100% recommend them to anyone, espe...”

Sheena Waterfield

“ Excellent work, very reliable. Highly recommend for all your heating and cooling needs.”

Tara Greene

“ Very happy to have found them to help us with our AC needs. Very responsive, punctual, honest and friendly!! Elon is great very professional and courteous. Definitely recommend using them for service and repair.”

Mario Mora

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