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Air Purifier Services & Replacement in Lakeland, FL

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The condition of our outdoor air in Lakeland and the surrounding areas in Florida can be quite a mess. And unfortunately, the case is the same, or often worse, for the air in your home! Homeowners in our area face considerable challenges in keeping air quality high, and allergens low. But Iceberg Cooling has the perfect solution–UV light air purifiers!

Iceberg Cooling is a leader in top air quality services and solutions for Winter Haven and Lakeland clients, providing the best in the business in products and services both. Our indoor air quality specialists carry extensive training and experience, and can help you find the best solution to meet your needs.

Looking to learn more about the advantages of an air purification system installation for your home in Polk County? Contact Iceberg online today!

What Is an Air Purifier?

Air purification systems come in a wide array of types, each boasting unique methods of dealing with air quality issues. But no matter the type in question, the goal is the same: purifiers are designed to eradicate allergens and pollutants, most notably mold and bacteria.

At Iceberg we offer UV light purification systems; a system designed to utilize the germicidal properties of UV-C radiation in order to eliminate mold, bacteria, and other contaminants. You could essentially look at the system like a high-powered form of artificial sunlight.

Air purifiers are excellent at eliminating mold, bacteria, pathogens, VOCs, and even odors from home air! As a totally unique IAQ product, these systems offer unique advantages that include:

  • Allergy symptom relief. If you suffer from allergies that relate to mold, smoke, or common household bacteria, then a UV-C germicidal light is your ideal option.
  • Mold control. UV purifiers are rated to eliminate up to 90% of the mold in air, or more! That means less allergies, but it also means protection against mold and mildew growth in homes.
  • Odor removal. Mold spore and common household bacteria are the source for many a foul odor. By removing these particles from home air, you’ll see major improvements to air freshness.
  • Additional HVAC protection. Mold is a common particulate matter found in air filters, and left unchecked mold can have a drastically negative impact on your system’s ability to produce proper air flow.

UV Light Purifier Service in Lakeland and Winter Haven

UV light systems can be installed both as a whole-home application, or in conjunction with smaller office cooling systems. This makes them ideal for both the home and any workspace, and with Iceberg, you can have either or, or both! Our specialists carry extensive experience with purifier system installation, and can help you choose the ideal product to suit your needs. When we install new purifier systems, we install them to maximize your benefits, as well as the system’s effectiveness, and in a way that makes them last as long as possible.

Air Quality Services with Iceberg Cooling

If you want to learn more about air purifier systems, or if you’re not certain they’re the best option for you, feel free to contact our team! We offer testing services that can help you choose the best service for your unique needs. Contact us today to find out more!

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We provide top-notch air purifying services throughout Polk County, including Auburndale, Babson Park, Clermont, Davenport, Lake Alfred, Lake Wales, Lakeland, Mulberry, Winter Haven, Zephyrhills, and the surrounding areas.

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