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Keeping the air quality up in your Lakeland home can be a bit of a challenge. Here in Florida we wrestle with loads of dust, debris, pollen, and even mold–all of which can wind up in your air in thick, dense quantities. In order to breathe easier in your home, you need dependable, professional air quality solutions. You need the experts at Iceberg Air Conditioning and Heating! Our certified air quality professionals are specially trained and equipped to provide for all of your air quality needs. We’ve been helping homeowners and families breathe easier for years, and we would love the opportunity to help you get the best.

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Our Air Quality Services in Polk County

The team at Iceberg Air Conditioning and Heating provides the absolute best and cutting-edge in air quality improvement services and products. When you contact us about air quality solutions, our team comes to you, helping you assess your unique needs, and suggesting the best services to help you breathe cleaner, healthier air in your home.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Much of the dust and debris that makes it into your home on a routine basis winds up directly in your ducts. From here it piles up consistently, and then makes its way in puffs and clouds of detrimental, dirty air as your HVAC system cycles air. Our comprehensive air duct cleaning services will remove all of this mess from your ducts, helping you breathe cleaner, and even giving your HVAC system an efficiency boost, too! Iceberg utilizes the innovative Rotobrush tool to perform duct cleaning in your home or office. The system simultaneously vacuums out the bad, dirt-filled air in your ducts while scrubbing away the more dense, caked on messes that commonly accumulate. The result is crystal-clear ducts that provide you (and your HVAC system) with clean, fresh air.

UV Light Air Purification Installation

Purification systems that utilize UV light (UV-C radiation) are installed within duct systems, or near small-scale office cooling systems in order to cleanse your air of common pollutants. UV purifiers are a powerful solution that can eradicate mold spore, bacteria, and even VOCs and foul odors! Our UV light installation services will help match you with the perfect purifier system, be it whole-home or office, helping you to rid your space of:

  • Mold spore. UV light systems eliminate up to 90% or more of the mold spore in home air.
  • VOCs. Volatile organic compounds that come from commercial cleaners and other sources are harmful to your respiratory health. Our UV light systems can help mitigate and remove them from your home air!
  • Bad home odors. Many common home bacteria and pathogens produce foul, musty air that a UV light system can remove, helping you breathe easier, and happier, too.
  • Bacteria. UV light purification systems have been shown to notably reduce pathogens and bacteria from home air, mitigating many of the sources of common illness.
  • And more!

Complete Air Quality Solutions in the Lakeland, FL Area

If your Polk County home suffers from dust, mold, or common allergens, the experts at Iceberg Air Conditioning and Heating can help! We carry the tools, dedication, and knowledge needed to provide you with superior solutions. Contact us online today to learn more, or to schedule your appointment!

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We provide quality services throughout Polk County, including Auburndale, Babson Park, Clermont, Davenport, Lake Alfred, Lake Wales, Lakeland, Mulberry, Winter Haven, Zephyrhills, and the surrounding areas.

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