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Is AC Maintenance Necessary?

Posted on: June 5, 2017

Not sure if shelling out for HVAC maintenance services is actually worth the hassle? We totally understand! It’s hard to commit to a service when you’re not even sure why you’re getting it at all. So in order to address any concerns you may have, Iceberg Cooling is here today to clue you in on whether or not maintenance is all that important!

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Why Do I Need AC Maintenance?

If you called up any HVAC professional, be it one of our team members, or even someone totally different, you’d get the same answer. Yes, maintenance is important! Don’t trust the salesman? We can understand that, too. But you could call a retired HVAC tech and they’d tell you the same. But just telling you need it and not explaining why exactly it’s important is silly, in our opinion.

Maintenance is important because, basically, it’s just worth all of the benefits. It’s a vital part of keeping your system in good condition and working order, and is hands-down the best means of reducing very expensive problems. You get HVAC or air conditioner maintenance for the same reason you get an oil change, or a tire rotation: it preserves, protects, and reduces risk.

What Are the Benefits of AC Maintenance?

Getting professional maintenance service on a routine (yearly, or twice a year for a heat pump) basis brings you a whole ton of perks, including:

  • Lower cooling costs. Clean, well-maintained, and expertly calibrated cooling systems require less power to get the job done. That means you get your cooling faster and stronger, and it also means you literally pay less to get it.
  • Less repairs and breakdowns. Maintenance services include a comprehensive inspection and calibration of components. This not only prevents the vast majority of common cooling system repair problems, but also lets our experts catch problems while they’re relatively small, saving you the stress of a bigger issue down the line.
  • Less costly breakdowns. In the event that you do experience a breakdown, it will likely be far cheaper than it would have been otherwise. This is because the higher cost problems are always component failure (compressor failure, evaporator coil, etc), which is prevented by maintenance services.
  • Higher cooling power. After a maintenance visit, you will feel the difference, guaranteed. When your cooling system has been well cared for, it rewards you with crisp, clean, and chilly air on demand. No hot spots, and no sputtery, spotty cooling.
  • Longer air conditioner system lifespans. With cleaning and component checks, you add years and years of life to your home AC system in Lakeland. You can expect a decade or even two if you get yearly service, whereas skipping the service can leave you with an AC replacement much sooner.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Lakeland & Polk County

So is AC maintenance absolutely necessary? Well, the HVAC police aren’t going to come get you if you don’t. Probably. But if you like your cooling system to work properly, then yes, we’d say it’s necessary.

Want to learn a bit more about maintenance services, or about joining a maintenance plan? Call the team at Iceberg Cooling today at 863-223-1849 and we’d be more than happy to help!