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Sounds Your AC Should Not Be Making

Posted on: July 25, 2017

Whether you love the low, steady hum of an air conditioning system or you hate it, there’s certainly one thing we can all agree on—the sound is at least a little bit reassuring. It tells you your system is working just fine! But there are also some sounds your system should absolutely never be making, and those are the ones our team at Iceberg Cooling wants to talk about today.

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Why Are Unusual Sounds Such a Bad Thing?

Basically because strange noises mean strange things. When a machine makes an odd sound it almost always means something is not working like it should, and your HVAC system is no different! Strange AC sounds almost always mean loose, damaged, or worn out parts, and these very frequently lead to complete air conditioner failure, and even potentially air conditioner replacement if the problem isn’t addressed soon enough.

This is why we would 100% classify odd sounds as an emergency service call kind of situation. Fast service is your best bet to prevent higher costs, and to ensure you stay comfortable during our Florida heat waves.

Your AC Should Never Make These Sounds

  • Banging and clanking. Bangs or consistent rattling are those loose parts we mentioned above. In most cases a bolt or component has become unseated, and while the problem is a small one right now, it can evolve into a huge one in no time.
  • Squeaks, squeals, or shrieks. Shrill squeaks and squealing are most commonly attributed to fan belts, their assemblies, or bearings. When these parts begin to wear down they create excessive friction, creating the sound you’re hearing now. The good news is that as long as you act fast, repairing this is an easy job for an experienced pro.
  • Rapid or ongoing clicking. The clicking sound you normally hear when your AC engages (cycles on) is quite normal and poses no risks at all. But when you start hearing that same sound go on and on, or happening rapidly during a cycle, then you’ve probably got an electrical issue. These can be really dangerous, and need to be addressed asap.
  • Thwapping. The sound is kind of hard to describe (hence the silly onomatopoeia). Think of sticking a bit of cardboard or paper into a box fan’s blades. That’s kinda the sound we’re talking about, and it pretty much means the same thing. If you hear a “Thwap!” then you’ve probably got debris in the fan assembly or stuck in the outdoor unit.

Emergency Repair Service in Lakeland and Winter Haven, FL

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