Emergency 24/7 HVAC Repair in Lakeland, FL

Providing 24-Hour HVAC Repair Services Throughout Hillsborough County & Polk County

And air conditioning problem is absolutely always a huge source of stress. Even an hour or two without proper home cooling is an absolute nightmare for homeowners in Lakeland and Winter Haven! Having an air conditioning conundrum and just not sure where to turn? Look no further, because the Iceberg Air Conditioning and Heating team is always ready to help!

We’ve been offering superior and trustworthy service to Florida residents for years. And not just at “normal” times—we’re here and equipped to help at any hour, on any day! Our emergency HVAC repair team operates at all times to ensure you have access to superior quality when you need it, bringing you a customer-focused priority response for all of your repair needs.

Having an HVAC system emergency? Call our trained and specialized emergency HVAC repair team now at 863-223-1849 in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Lake Wales!

24/7 Emergency AC Repair Service in Lakeland

Problems don’t wait for a convenient time to crop up, and so our team is ready to operate and provide service at all times. As florida natives we know well just how horrible a summer night around here can be, which is why we place your needs above all else to bring leading and dependable repair services to our clients.
Call on our experts for accurate and quick repair services when:

  • Your AC system is making loud sounds. Loud sounds can be really scary, and honestly, they should be. Loud sounds are often loose or busted parts, which will not only rob you of proper cooling, but could also cause permanent system damage. An emergency for sure!
  • Your air conditioner is leaking. Leaks can cause water damage, and cause irreversible damage to cooling systems. If you spot a puddle, or even just excessive condensation, call on our experts now.
  • The unit is blowing hot air. If the system suddenly decides to stop doing its job you can get stressed in a real hurry. But with us, you don’t have to. No matter the cause, be it clog or component, we’ll offer the repairs you need.
  • There are signs of electrical failure. Smelling burnt wires, or your breakers tripping constantly? Don’t let the issue continue! Cut off power to the unit and call our emergency service team right away.

24-Hour Heating Repair

We’re more known for our summers to be sure, but the winter can strike quite suddenly, and if you’re caught without proper heating power things can get nasty quick. Don’t stress! Our license to chill is certainly handy, but we’re just as well-trained, equipped, and capable when it comes to home heating systems. If you’ve got a problem with cool air from the system, electrical complications, odd sounds, or anything at all, we’ll be there to bring the repair services you need.

Emergency HVAC Repair in Polk County & Hillsborough County

For every single HVAC problem out there, we’ve got an HVAC solution! You’ll find our emergency service team offers the fast, accurate, and always flawless service you need. For perfection in Polk County, you can call (863) 223-1849 at any time!

Our Service Area

We provide quality emergency HVAC repair throughout Polk County, including Auburndale, Babson Park, Clermont, Davenport, Lake Alfred, Lake Wales, Lakeland, Mulberry, Plant City, Winter Haven, Zephryhills, and the surrounding areas.

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