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Mini-Split Repair

Ductless Mini-Split Repair in the Lakeland, Florida Area

During a typical summer in the Lakeland area, temperatures often stay above 90 during the day, and rarely fall below 70 at night. This can put quite the workout on your ductless mini-split system, leading to possible performance problems or system failures as components start to wear and age. When you have problems with your ductless mini-split, contact our team at Iceberg Cooling for fast, professional repairs. Our certified HVAC technicians are available 24 hours a day, offering complete repair, maintenance, and installation services for ductless mini-split systems. With over 70 years of HVAC experience, you can trust our team for quality, reliable heating and cooling services throughout Lakeland and the Polk County area. For more information about our available HVAC services, call Iceberg Cooling today at (863) 223-1849 or contact us online.

Common Signs of Ductless Mini-Split Problems

A ductless mini-split can be an efficient and reliable way to provide cooling and optional heating for your Lakeland home, but even the best system will require an occasional repair as it ages. Common signs that your system needs repairs include:

  • High cooling costs – Sudden spikes in your utility bills could indicate a loss of cooling efficiency, making your ductless mini-split work harder to keep you comfortable.
  • Reduced performance – Inadequate cooling or heating performance could indicate airflow, coil, or refrigerant problems.
  • Frozen coils – Ice accumulation on your evaporator, condenser, or refrigerant lines could indicate airflow problems, dirty coils, or improper refrigerant levels.
  • Odd noises – Unusual sounds could indicate serious system problems, such as screeching from the compressor or hissing from a refrigerant line.
  • Unusual odors – Musty or sour smells could indicate moisture problems that allow bacteria, mold, or mildew to grow inside your ductless system, potentially causing air quality problems or illnesses.
  • Frequent cycling – If your ductless mini-split cycles on and off frequently, there may be airflow or refrigerant problems, or the compressor may be overheating.

If your ductless mini-split is showing any of these symptoms, or acting strange in a different way, contact our team at Iceberg Cooling for a system inspection. We will determine the cause of the problem and offer most cost-effective repair options for the situation.

Ductless Mini-Split Repair Services

At Iceberg Cooling, our friendly, talented HVAC professionals have the experience necessary to solve nearly any problem with your ductless mini-split, such as:

  • Startup problems or frequent cycling
  • Reduced cooling or heating performance
  • Airflow or air quality problems
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Clogged condensate drains or water leaks
  • Dirty coils or damaged system fans
  • Frozen coils
  • Overheating or damaged compressor
  • Thermostat or control problems

We can repair most problems quickly, and we offer 24-hour emergency service for repairs that cannot wait until the next business day.

Schedule Mini-Split Repair in Lakeland with Iceberg

Whether you live in Harmony Hills, Bacon Hill, or Southwest Lakeland, you can count on our team for quality ductless mini-split repairs anywhere in the Lakeland area. We are committed to providing our customers with superior service and workmanship, and our highly-trained technicians have the expertise to help with all your heating and cooling needs, from simple repairs and maintenance, to complete system replacements. Contact us today at (863) 223-1849 to schedule an appointment for ductless mini-split repairs or to request an estimate!

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