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Heat Pump Installation & Replacement in Orlando, FL

With the mild climate in the Orlando area, heat pumps are an effective way to provide heating and cooling without the need for separate systems. They tend to last 12 to 15 years or longer with impeccable maintenance, but as they approach the end of their service life, parts may begin failing and efficiency will decline.

If you are considering a new heat pump for your Orlando home, talk to our team at Iceberg Cooling. We serve the entire Orlando area, and we offer complete heat pump installation and replacement services, as well as heat pump maintenance and repairs to keep your new system in great condition. With more than 70 years of combined HVAC experience, we have the skill and experience to provide proven, professional results.

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Should I Repair or Replace My Heat Pump in Orlando?

A new heat pump is a significant investment, but constantly repairing an older, inefficient heat pump can also add up quickly. For systems that are just approaching 10 years old and starting to have minor problems, such as contactor, start capacitor, or thermostat failures, repair will likely be the most cost-effective option. A heat pump replacement should be considered when:

  • Your heat pump is over 12 years old. Few systems will last beyond 15 years, and if problems are already starting to occur, a replacement may be the best option.
  • The system has major problems. When your heat pump needs costly repairs, like a compressor, blower motor, control board, or coil replacement, a new system is likely the best choice.
  • It needs frequent repairs. If your heat pump is unreliable and needs small repairs often, the costs can accumulate quickly, as well as the time spent waiting for repairs.
  • It is inefficient. An older, poorly running heat pump can cause your electricity bills to skyrocket, especially compared to the costs for a new, energy-efficient system.
  • It performs poorly. Even if your heat pump is still working, if it cannot keep your home comfortable at a reasonable cost, it is time to upgrade.

Are you weighing heat pump repair vs. heat pump replacement? Talk to our team at Iceberg for honest, realistic advice about your heat pump. Call 407-604-0172 or contact us online today!

Heat Pump Replacement in Orlando, FL

At Iceberg, we offer comprehensive heat pump replacement services, and we feature the latest high-performance, energy-efficient heat pumps from Bryant. During the installation process, our team will:

  • Remove your current heat pump
  • Perform new heating and cooling load calculations
  • Select the heat pump with the appropriate capacity and features
  • Install the condenser unit, air handler, evaporator, refrigerant lines, and electrical cables
  • Thoroughly test the system and explain its care and operation

We also offer heat pump maintenance to keep your system efficient and reliable, as well as repair services should they ever be required.

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Why Choose Iceberg for Heat Pump Replacement?

Our team at Iceberg Cooling is dedicated to your comfort, and we have the experience and skill to make sure your new heat pump performs flawlessly and meets your expectations. We feature certified technicians with extensive installation experience, quality tools for professional results, and great financing options that make the process smooth and trouble-free.

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