Providing Top-Notch HVAC Services in Lake Buena Vista

When the temperature soars in sunny Florida, you depend on your air conditioning system to keep you cool and comfortable. Iceberg Home Services is ready to serve all your air conditioning and HVAC needs in Lake Buena Vista.

Our reputation for excellence is well-known. We provide first-class emergency AC repair in Lake Buena Vista. We listen to our customers’ needs, and we strive to provide efficient solutions to fit every budget.

Beyond just AC repair, our team is equipped to provide for all your comfort needs in heating, cooling, and even air quality! You can count on us for:

Looking for 24-hour AC repair service in Lake Buena Vista? Call the HVAC experts at Iceberg at (863) 223-1849 or contact us online today for quick, reliable service! 

Our Air Conditioning Services in Lake Buena Vista

The experts at Iceberg Home Services are equipped to meet all of your cooling needs in Lake Buena Vista. We’ve been offering comprehensive solutions and top-class products to our clients for years, and we can guarantee an ideal service to match your home. To residents in Lake Buena Vista, we proudly provide:

Whether you need a new air conditioner installed or an emergency AC repair in Lake Buena Vista, FL, the Iceberg team is ready to help.

Call (863) 223-1849 or contact us to schedule any air conditioning service today! 

24/7 Emergency AC Repair in Lake Buena Vista

With our brutal summers in Lake Buena Vista, your AC must be running properly. If anything goes wrong, it can be an emergency that you want fixed ASAP. That’s why our team is available 24/7/365 to help! Anytime you need us, our emergency HVAC services are available. Even if it’s the weekend or a holiday, one of our highly skilled technicians will be out to your house promptly to address your problem.

Not sure if you’re having an HVAC emergency? Call us right away for repairs if you notice any of the following:

  • Strange or loud HVAC noises
  • Hot or warm air blowing
  • Leaking HVAC systems
  • Unresponsive thermostat
  • Foul, burning odors

If you have an emergency, don’t hesitate to call Iceberg Home Services at (863) 223-1849 to schedule urgent repairs!

Air Conditioner Repair in Lake Buena Vista

When something goes wrong with your cooling system, you’re left at the mercy of our brutal summers. That means you need fast, reliable, professional service! Our experts utilize years of specialized training, unique experience, and cutting-edge diagnostic tools to locate and remedy your air conditioner issues as fast as possible without compromising the quality of our service.

You can trust our local Lake Buena Vista AC repair team to provide repairs when:

  • Your energy bill is increasing. When your energy bill starts to increase each month, it might be time for a new unit. As the temperature changes outside, you’ll see a slight increase in the bill as your unit works to keep your home’s temperature at a comfortable level. However, when the unit isn’t performing as it should, your energy bill will only get more expensive as time goes on.
  • Your unit is louder or making weird noises. Take the time to listen to your AC unit when it’s functioning properly so you can tell when it’s making unusual sounds. When your unit gets louder or starts to make some rattling noises, contact our Lake Buena Vista AC repair experts. We can guide you in the right direction on whether it needs a repair, you need a new unit, or there is simply some debris stuck in the fan.
  • Your unit is old. If your unit is over 10 years old, you’ll start to need repairs and maintenance more frequently to keep it running efficiently. While some people recommend getting a new HVAC unit every 10 years to prevent repair costs, others have units that will last for as many as 15 to 20 years. Talk to your Lake Buena Vista AC repair specialist to find out what condition you can expect your unit to run in for the duration of its life.
  • Your unit’s airflow is abnormal. If the airflow from your unit is poor, slow, or weak, talk to the experienced team at Iceberg about the next steps. We will help you move in the right direction from the first phone call to the follow-up once the repair is complete.

Have a different problem than the ones listed above? No problem! Our experts have seen and fixed it all, and we can guarantee the ideal solution to meet your cool air needs in Lake Buena Vista.

Call (863) 223-1849 or contact us for top-rated, reliable AC repair in Lake Buena Vista, FL!


Lake Buena Vista AC Installation Experts

Summer in Lake Buena Vista pours on the heat in spades, and you need a reliable AC system to keep your cool and stay comfortable. The team at Iceberg Home Services can help you select the ideal cooling system to suit your unique needs, sizing and installing your new air conditioner for maximum performance and optimal energy efficiency.

We Offer Air Conditioner Replacement Too!

Homeowners with quality HVAC maintenance and top-notch repair service often avoid replacements. However, replacing an air conditioner at the right time can offer loads of benefits! Seeking out replacement can be a less stressful, faster, and more cost-effective solution for your comfort needs, and our team can help you decide when the time is right.

Talk to our professionals about the performance of your current HVAC system and when it might be time for a replacement.

Schedule Routine AC Maintenance

Consistent professional service is the best way to keep your cooling system working at its best. With the comprehensive services offered by Iceberg Home Services, you can expect to see lower cooling systems, better system performance, and a longer-lasting cooling system!

The Benefits of Routine AC Maintenance in Lake Buena Vista

So, what does an annual AC maintenance visit do for you? We can say “improve performance” all day, but in the end, that’s just a buzzword. More specifically, maintenance provides:

  • Better air conditioner efficiency. A well-tended cooling system can deliver all of the cooling power and reliability that it could on the day it was installed. Consistent care means a lot more comfort, and that’s something we all need to be able to depend on in Lake Buena Vista.
  • Lower cooling costs. Not only will your AC do a better job, but it will do it for less cost, too! An efficient and powerful cooling system takes up less energy to get the job done, directly reducing your monthly utility costs.
  • Fewer repair and breakdown risks. Routine tune-ups tend to prevent most of the common causes of AC problems, stopping minor issues before they turn into a full breakdown.
  • A prolonged life span. With maintenance, you can expect 10 to 15 years of strong service. Without maintenance, that number can drop by as much as 50%!
  • Warranty preservation. Many warranties require that routine service is sought to continue to provide protection. So not only will maintenance protect your air conditioner, it’ll protect your investment, too.

Why Choose Iceberg Home Services for AC Services in Lake Buena Vista?

When you’re looking for quality air conditioning services and overall HVAC services in Lake Buena Vista, you want the absolute best. That means the best products, the best services, and the best prices around, and with our experts, you’re going to get all that and more! We are dedicated to superior quality and service, and we always provide:

  • Service from top-class, expertly trained professionals
  • Industry-leading, high-quality products
  • Prompt, reliable service
  • Unique, custom solutions tailored to your needs

To schedule HVAC services in Lake Buena Vista, contact us online today!



Why Choose Iceberg Home Services?


Fast, Responsive Service

Customer-focused Service


What Our Clients Are Saying

“ We are very pleased with Iceberg, from sales to installation it was all done in a timely matter and as Promised. Shawn Crawford and Adam Jr came out on Saturday and worked all day, even though they faced a few hurdles, they did what they had to do to get it done. They were very polite.”

Patty Johnson

“ Chuck arrived within a day after my call. He was very kind, courteous and professional. He looked at my unit and told me what my options were as far as the unit. I felt very confident that he was telling me the true issues with my unit and what would be in my best interest.”

Chere’ Mask

“ They are fast, reliable, and courteous! They have been out to our house twice to fix the same problem for two different reasons and both times were on time and cared about the well-being of our family. They are also very knowledgeable and also advised us on how to keep our A/C maintained during stor...”

Ryan Davey

“ Chuck from iceberg A/C and heating, LLC was AMAZING! I was recommended to this company, and I'm so happy I was. Chuck was timely, efficient, and thorough. He didn't try and sell me repairs that weren't needed, found our problem and will get fixed tomorrow! I would 100% recommend them to anyone, espe...”

Sheena Waterfield

“ Excellent work, very reliable. Highly recommend for all your heating and cooling needs.”

Tara Greene

“ Very happy to have found them to help us with our AC needs. Very responsive, punctual, honest and friendly!! Elon is great very professional and courteous. Definitely recommend using them for service and repair.”

Mario Mora

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