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Drain Cleaning Service in Winter Haven, FL

Providing Quality Drain Cleaning In Polk County

If you’re dealing with frequent clogs in your Winter Haven home, call the experts at Iceberg Air Conditioning and Heating for a drain cleaning. A drain cleaning will clear any blockages and get your plumbing running smoothly again. It’s also a good idea to have your drains cleaned regularly to prevent blockages, keep unhealthy bacteria from growing in your pipes, and maintain your system to prevent expensive issues. Call us today to restore the effectiveness of your plumbing system!

Schedule drain cleaning service in Winter Haven, Lakeland, and Mulberry by calling (863) 223-1849 or contacting us online.

What Causes Clogged Drains?

In our extensive time serving the Winter Haven area’s plumbing needs, we’ve seen drains clog for a wide variety of reasons. We’ve found that the most common causes of clogged drains are:

  • General buildup: Hair, soap, dirt, and food waste can accumulate to cause clogs.
  • Cooking grease: Always dispose of cooking grease in the trash. If you pour hot bacon grease, pork lard, or butter down your drain, it will solidify once cool and create clogs.
  • Foreign objects: If you or your family members put baby wipes, feminine products, toys, and other small objects down your drains, be prepared for a clog!
  • Mineral buildup: If you have hard water, it can deposit minerals that will build up in your pipes, making a clog much more likely.
  • Tree roots: Tree roots are attracted to moisture and will try to find a way into your pipes.

If you have clogged drains in Winter Haven, contact us online or call us at (863) 223-1849 for fast & effective drain cleaning services.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Dirty or clogged drains will not improve with time. If you notice any of the following signs, contact us for a professional drain cleaning to prevent serious plumbing issues:

  • Water is slow to drain from sinks, showers, baths, and/or washing machines.
  • Standing water in sinks, showers, or baths.
  • Unpleasant odors in bathrooms or kitchens despite regular cleaning.
  • Strange gurgling noises when pipes are draining.
  • Frequent clogged toilets or drains.
  • Multiple clogged drains in your home.

Don’t ignore the signs listed above; contact us online or call us at (863) 223-1849 to get the water draining smoothly in your home in Winter Haven, Lakeland, or Mulberry.

Should I Use Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Chemical drain cleaners are ineffective and can damage your plumbing, resulting in expensive repairs. They utilize violent chemical reactions to break up clogs, but these chemical reactions can also damage your pipes. A professional drain cleaning will take care of all types of clogs and clear your whole system without damaging it. Don’t risk a chemical cleaner – call the professionals at Iceberg instead.

Trust Iceberg to get your drains running smoothly! Contact us online or call us at (863) 223-1849 today.

How Does Drain Cleaning Work?

Our technicians are experts at choosing the most suitable drain cleaning method for each home. We use cameras to see inside your pipes, assess their ability to withstand cleaning, and identify any specific problems. After that, we will employ one of two methods:

  • Drain snakes and augers: A technician will physically run a tool through your pipes to break up clogs and clear them. Our team will come prepared with multiple specialized tools and attachments to modify this method for your plumbing system.
  • Hydro-jetting: The method uses high-pressured water to flush your pipes and remove any buildup that is causing clogs. The water is so powerful that it can even remove mineral scale and tree roots. Hydro-jetting does not work for every plumbing system, so our team will carefully analyze yours to determine if it can withstand this aggressive but effective cleaning method.

After a drain cleaning, our team will be able to identify if your plumbing issues are resolved or if there is a bigger problem in your system.

Questions about drain cleaning in Winter Haven, Lakeland, and Mulberry? Contact us online or call us at (863) 223-1849.

Schedule Drain Cleaning in Winter Haven & the Surrounding Areas

A professional drain cleaning will restore your system’s ability to drain smoothly and prevent future issues in your home’s plumbing system. At Iceberg Air Conditioning and Heating, we can take care of all your drain cleaning needs with friendly and prompt service. Our experts strive to provide service that is both fast and accurate, ensuring that your home’s plumbing runs smoothly to keep your house clean, safe, and comfortable.

For reliable drain cleaning services in Winter Haven, contact us online or call us at (863) 223-1849 today!

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